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Mocking PM Rahul Gandhi Dramatics

Rahul Gandhi Drags Bhagwan Ram While Mocking PM

Rahul Gandhi has dragged Bhagwan Ram into his now frequent rants against Narendra Modi. Speaking at a rally in Rishikesh, he reportedly said, “Ram ji will come to Ram Leela sporting a Narendra Modi mask,” taking…

Rahul Gandhi Absurd Dynasty

Rahul Gandhi – The Loose Cannon

When Rahul Gandhi accuses Narendra Modi of ‘personal corruption’ one must not be shocked – because RG always makes wild false charges when he opens his mouth. He says Modi…

New brand of netas Congress' Hypocrisy Opposing

Rahul Gandhi and the Congress’ Hypocrisy

It is time to expose the hypocrites that strut the political scenario. Kejriwal is a psychopath and a megalomaniac – if one had noted, throughout his target was PM Modi;…