Exploring the Mahabharata Within

Mahabharata within,  an online  exploratory workshop  blended Bharatiya Knowledge Traditions such as Yoga, theatre, dance, art, contemplative conversations  and process work using the Mahabharata as a framework to explore the human psyche

The artist’s way: A path to self-awareness through inner joy

As part of the Yoga Samvad series on Yoga, Rasanubhava and Ramya, hosted by Ritambhara,  well known Bharata Natyam exponent and scholar Dr. Padma Subramanyam explores the intricate interrelationship between Yoga, the aesthetic experience (rasanubhava) and the resulting inner joy (ramya) as the fountainhead of artistic expression, experience and wisdom… 

The Path of Jnana Yoga

Yoga Samvād:  Dialogues on Yoga,  a series  of insightful dialogues on Yoga, began with its first talk in the series—Dynamic spirituality through Jnana Yoga—co-anchored insightfully and elegantly by Swami Mitrananda…