Sanskrit oath taking in New Zealand Parliament

Dr. Gaurav Sharma, first-time and one of the youngest Members of New Zealand Parliament representing the Hamilton West constituency, made the Hindu and Maori communities very proud when he took…


Lost in translation: The erosion of Sanskrit

Simplistic and inaccurate English translations of Sanskrit words trivialize dharmic concepts and is symptomatic of hegemonic Western  Judeo-Christian paradigms. Sanskritisation of the English language is about protecting our dharma; it…


The Need for Sanskritising Hindi

Union Home Minister Amit Shah, last month speaking at a rally on Hindi Diwas, triggered a chain reaction from ultra-harbingers of diversity, when he insisted on promoting Hindi in nation….


Why Sanskrit Should Be The National Language

Sanskrit is the ancient devabhāshā spanning millennials of history and development possessing incredibly valuable insights and timeless, limitless knowledge of religion, theology, culture, intellectual thinking, philosophy, sociology, science, mathematics, astronomy,…