Exploring the Mahabharata Within

Mahabharata within,  an online  exploratory workshop  blended Bharatiya Knowledge Traditions such as Yoga, theatre, dance, art, contemplative conversations  and process work using the Mahabharata as a framework to explore the human psyche


A Danish Hindu’s Quest for Enlightenment

This interview broadcasts the message of a young Danish gentleman, who is now a spiritual seeker and walks on the path of enlightenment. This write-up is based on his interview…

Universe Meditation

You Are the Universe

Antarmukha samaaradhya bahirmukha sudurlabha (One who looks inward and meditates will realize the spirit of goddess, whereas one who searches for the divine spirit externally, even though he performs several…

self realization versus Monotheism

आत्मबोध और एकेश्वरवाद – सारे रास्ते सामान नहीं हैं

अनन्य (exclusive) एकेश्वरवाद की सीमाएं अब्राहमिक परम्पराएं( इस्लाम, ईसाइयत आदि) एकेश्वरवादी होती हैं और केवल एक ईश्वर को मानती हैं। फिर भी उनका एकेश्वरवाद बहुत ही अनन्यवादी (exclusivist) होता है।…