Simply Amul! – the politics of veganism

In the tug of war between  Amul and PETA India, the former stands up to its commitment to dairy milk  and dairy products over vegan milk and vegan products on the grounds of tradition, livelihoods and plain common sense!


Amul demands ban on PETA

Amul Vice-Chairman (VC) Valamji Humbal has asked PM Narendra Modi to ban NGO PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) citing a conspiracy by such international NGOs to ruin the…

Vedic Diet Not Vegan

Go Vedic, not Vegan

‘For the mind, my dear consists of food’ (Cha. Up., 6.5.4) ‘when the food is pure, the mind becomes pure’ (Cha. Up., 7.26.2) You are what you eat. Though there…