Western Indology

स्वदेशी इंडोलोजी

प्रथम स्वदेशी इंडोलोजी कांफ्रेंस – राजीव मल्होत्रा जी के भाषण के अंश

करीब २० साल पहले इन्फिनिटी फाउंडेशन ने यह समझना चाहा कि अमेरिकी अकेडेमिया में भारत से सम्बंधित विषयों पर क्या और कैसा शोध होता है? इसलिए हमने उन जगहों को…

Mohenjo Daro

Rajiv Malhotra analyzes Mohenjo Daro the movie

I examine the movie ‘MOHENJO DARO’: What is true and false about its depictions of history. What are the social-political implications. How to watch it for entertainment as well as education….

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Why The Kumbh Mela Is At Risk

When Harvard University created a major new initiative called the Harvard Kumbh Mela Project, Hindus naturally became impressed and proud. After all, it brought global importance to our heritage. However,…

Western Indologists

Western Indologists – A Study in Motives: Part 4

We have sufficiently exposed the mentality of this type of Western scholars. They received enormous financial aid from their Governments and also from the British Government in Bharat…

Western Indologists

Western Indologists – A Study in Motives: Part 3

At the time when Max Muller was busy besmirching the glory of Bharatiya literature and religion in England, Albert Weber was devoting himself to the same ignominious task in Germany…