Mahabharata Exploration

Inner transformation through the Mahabharata

As a  seven-year-old, I sat under the mango tree in our home with my grandfather, as he helped me read aloud from C. Rajagopalachari’s retelling of the Ramayana and Mahabharata….


International Day of Yoga 2019 in Texas

Thousands of Texans across the state came together to celebrate the 5th International Day of Yoga in partnership with the Consulate General of Bharat in Houston and local organizations. Houston…

Islamic countries cannot even tolerate Yoga?

The following news item caught my eye. In Iran, governed by Islamic sharia law, 30 of its citizens were arrested. Their crime? Attending a private yoga class! That’s right: even…


How Yoga Can Save You From Depression

Yoga is the most popular, yet the most misunderstood and misrepresented Hindu science. Yoga is commonly practiced as a physical training or “spiritual” exercise to rejuvenate yourself. This is not…