Callous attempt at religious conversion in guise of helping Hindus in Bangladesh

The Dawah organisations of Bangladesh are using Corona aid funds as a front to further their agenda of converting Hindus into Islam. Multiple organizations collect money in name of charity during difficult times but some use their interaction with non-Muslim communities for conversion activities.

In this incident, of which a video has been recorded, a member of “Bangla Aid” organisation is heard asking a Hindu woman to ‘come to Islam’. The Daily Star newspaper has covered the incident and has quoted a volunteer distributing relief as saying “Even though Hindus persecuted Muslims in India, we have given relief to Hindus here. Now, if anyone converts to Islam, we’d welcome them.”

Further in the video, a young volunteer named Sumon Mian openly invites a Hindu woman belonging to ‘Shabdakara’ (drummer) community by saying “If you think Islam is right, you come to Islam.”

Taking strong exception to the misuse of charity efforts, Ranadhir Kumar Dey, Upazila Parishad Chairman of Sreemangal, said, “I came to know that Hindus have been asked to convert in the Noagaon area while receiving relief. I strongly condemn this. Sreemangal is a peaceful place. Here the bond between Hindus and Muslims is intact. Those who have done this clearly do not understand religious harmony and coexistence of different faiths.”

Sumon Mian has apologized after the incident came to light and has been let off after a warning. Bangla Aid is mostly funded by Bangladeshi expatriates living in UK and elsewhere.

Curiously, conversion bids in guise of help are neither new nor limited to Bangladesh. There are many Christian & Muslim organizations that use perilous times to further their religion by exploiting vulnerability of calamity affected people. Christian missionary groups preyed on many vulnerable people during the 2004 tsunami and the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Even the most notorious terrorists such as Hafiz Sayeed who ran Jihadi terrorist group “Lashkar-e-Tayyaba”, had changed his tactics after coming under scanner of US terror radar and spawned outwardly ‘humanitarian’ organization like Idara Khidmat-e-Khalq (IKK, Organization for Humanitarian Assistance) & Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation (FIF, Foundation for Welfare of  Humanity). As observed in 2011 floods in Pakistan, FIF was quite keen in proselytism attempts by constantly reminding Hindu victims to offer namaz, read quran.

Just as a leopard can never change its spots, Islamist organisations will continue their agenda of converting and crushing Hindu minorities wherever Muslims are in majority. 

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