Pakistan: Hindu Woman Murdered For Refusing Proposal of Muslim Boy

On January 27th, 2019, a tragedy hit a Hindu family in Pakistan. Talreja family’s daughter Rajkumari Talreja was shot dead by a Muslim man named Agha Salar in Shikarpur Sindh because she refused to marry him.

In Pakistan, to marry a Muslim means, first embrace Islam and once converted, one cannot convert back to the original faith as it could lead to fatal backlash for the person as well as the community.

Important is to note that while Hindu women are routinely married off to the Muslims, the opposite is impossible. Even a Hindu man talking to a Muslim girl can lead to murders as happened in the case of Himraj who used to talk to a Muslim girl.

Infuriated at this refusal, first Agha Salar killed her and then humiliated that a Hindu woman had refused to marry him, he also killed himself. Agha was stalking Rajkumari for a long time and kept a lookout for her before committing the crime on this fateful day.

Humiliated that a Hindu woman had rejected his advances, Agha reportedly told Rajkumari ‘that either you come to me, or I won’t let you be with another one.’ As Rajkumari again refused him, Agha shot her dead.

Rajkumari was due to marry a Hindu boy named Akash Kewalramani on February 3rd, 2019. The wedding was due to happen at the Global Marquees ‘Vintage’ near FTC Building, Karachi, Pakistan.

Earlier, a Hindu woman named Manisha Khatri got married to her childhood friend Mohammad Bilal Qaimkhan in Pakistan with full blessings of her family but the story turned sour soon after.

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