UK arrests 44 members of yet another “grooming gang”: both named arrests are Pakistani

In yet another case of a grooming gang that targeted young (mostly underage) white girls for sexual exploitation and slavery, the UK has made 44 arrests in the so-called “Kirklees grooming gang.”

Previous arrests have been in the Bradford grooming gang (almost all Pakistani muslims), the Rochdale grooming gang, and the Huddersfield grooming gang. The Bradford grooming gang received a total of 132 years of prison this February.

The reports are just coming in, and thus far only two of those arrested have been named: 

Mohammed Akram, 33, of Thornton Lodge in Huddersfield, has been jailed for 22 years for rape, trafficking for sexual exploitation, sexual assault and child abduction.

Usman Khalid, 31, of Brook Street in Huddersfield, was handed five years for child abduction and assault of a child under 13 by penetration.

If the trend of past grooming gangs is anything to go by, one can bet one’s money that all 44 will have Pakistani origin. Interestingly, because grooming gangs are so strongly associated with Pakistanis, the Dawn newspaper of Pakistan also reported the Kirklees arrests.

The phenomenon of Muslim men of almost always Pakistani ancestry in England targeting young white girls (often from broken families, residing in shelter homes, not having a father figure at home etc.) for sexual exploitation after plying them with alcohol and inducing drug addiction in them has come to light in recent years. The biggest such case was the Rotherham grooming gang scandal, where it is estimated that thousands of young girls were abused over a period of over a decade. The girls were subjected to gang-rapes and other unnatural sex acts, some which the court termed “torture sex”, revealing the sick and demented nature of the Pakistani perpetrators.

It is indeed incredible that not a single Indian (except one Amere Singh Dhaliwal, who was part of the Huddersfield grooming gang) has been involved in any of these gangs. This is yet another point of stark contrast between the mostly Hindu/Sikh Indian immigrants to Britain and the Muslim Pakistani ones.

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