Why are UN and UNHRC scared of naming & shaming China for Covid19 pandemic?

The Coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world, taking a toll on human lives and forcing 40 countries to lockdown with almost 2.2 billion people under house arrest. Spain and Italy have been the worst hit in Europe and America is in for hard times with New York emerging as the new epicentre.

The whole world is in turmoil with over 22,000 deaths and close to 500,000 cases with the numbers increasing every minute. Wuhan, China from where it all started has since controlled the situation but the deadly virus has spread like wildfire engulfing countries and obliterating boundaries.

As mankind battles with death and economies are devastated China, the original epicenter and its communist regime headed by Xi jin Ping have maintained a chilling silence. Thousands of Chinese live animal Wet markets operate everyday in squalor and filth inspite of WHO guidelines. It took the filth of one such market in Wuhan to make this zoonotic (animal to human) transmission.

The WHO has been raising concerns albeit mildly at these open air live wet animal slaughter houses which had lead to the SARS virus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2003 which killed 800 people worldwide apart from infecting 8000. China was guilty of hiding information then as it has done now.

The H5N9 and H7N9 bird flu which killed 1000 people according to WHO also had its origins in China. Even after more than 22,000 deaths the world over and counting the UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Commission) under its Commissioner Michelle Bennett, the UN General Assembly and the UN security council are all silent.

The headquarters of all these world bodies, whose primary job is to look after mankind and act as a world policemen as they have so often done vis a vis our country, is in New York which has become the latest epicenter of this virus. Yet, none of them have thought about calling an extraordinary general meeting (through video conferencing) for deliberating on the virus, let alone condemning and reprimanding China for its callousness and live animal markets which have been the harbinger of deadly viruses in the past and have now delivered a mass killing virus to the world.

The G20 nations failed to blame China for this emerging holocaust showing that China’s writ runs large over the world as most European economies and America depend upon Chinese imports. The only man who dared to call this virus the Chinese virus was the American President and he must be applauded for that.

The Western media has been ridiculously silent over criticizing China for this man slaughter but are taking pot shots at Trump for the advent of the virus in America. Trump has taken China by the collar on trade imbalance and the Chinese dominance in South Pacific and the South China Sea without an iota of support from the Republicans let alone the Democrats.

These very Democrats raised a ruckus when Article 370 was abolished in Jammu & Kashmir by an act of parliament and also when CAA (Citizen Amendment Bill) was ratified by the parliament in the largest democracy of the world. These bills were aimed at saving human lives. But a zoonotic virus emanating from China which has taken 22,000 human lives till now (and the death count is mounting every minute) and has infected almost 500,000 people worldwide, has all the world bodies including the UN and UNHRC maintain a deafening silence on this carnage unfolding in front of their eyes.

The military and economic muscle of the dragon has silenced these paper tigers and exposed their hypocrisy. Trump is the only world leader who has shown the spunk to name and shame China for this human massacre. His own domestic media is critical of his actions of handling the virus but do not have the spine to criticize the country from where it emanated.

The UNHRC and the UN had many discussions on Article 370 and CAA, the current Commissioner of UNHRC even moved to our Supreme court on CAA. However, the same Michelle Bachelet is not rising from her slumber even though 22,000 people have already died out of which 1000 are Americans. Her hypocrisy and that of her organization along with the toothlessness of the UN stand thoroughly exposed in naming and shaming China for this pandemic.

WHO (World Health Organization) has to share the blame for shielding China and not sharing the information with the world at the earliest. China’s first Coronavirus case was in October 2019 but they hid the information from the world and reported the matter to the WHO office in China only on 31st December, 2019.

The WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus took another one month in sitting over the vital information which could have saved precious human lives. Dr. Tedros revealed the information to the world only on 30th January, 2020. Had the WHO and China given the true picture to the world timely, thousands of lives could have been saved and half a million humans. who have already contracted the virus and are battling for their lives, would have been prevented from getting infected.

It shows that these organisations are only good at scaring weaker countries (economically & militarily) and buckle under the pressure of stronger countries like China. God forbid, if such an epidemic had originated from our country, the Western media along with these New York stationed watchdogs would have crucified our country and the pseudo-seculars and the leftist liberals would have come with daggers drawn to rip our government and its working.

While the world is in anguish and the body bags keep piling on, China is readying its manufacture sector to fulfill the huge demand of health equipment (N95 masks, gloves, ventilators) that is emanating from countries like Italy, Spain and others. Thus, Spain has ordered 267 million dollars worth of health accessories from China which is just the tip of the demand iceberg which will eventually emerge from the devastated economies of the world.

China, who brought this virus to the world, is set to make a fortune through its exports as the rest of the world economies come to a grinding halt.

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