Dalit Girl Kidnapped by Local Muslim Youth in Ambedkar Nagar, UP – Family files FIR

A Dalit girl who had gone to a sewing training center near her home on Friday was taken away by a Muslim youth Firoz (son of Siddique) and is untraceable ever since.

The girl’s father searched frantically for his daughter and finally lodged a complaint with police accusing Firoz of kidnapping his daughter. The incident occurred in village Chitpur Muri Patti, Rajesultanpur, Ambedkar Nagar district, Eastern UP.

HinduPost spoke to the girl’s father and brother. Sunita* was attending sewing training classes and had gone to the centre (silai prashikshan kendra) at around 11 AM on Friday along with a friend Vidya*. Later, Firoz from the same village took Sunita away at 3 PM and both are missing ever since. Initially, Vidya confirmed that Sunita had left with Firoz and promised to return later, but now she is changing her statement and is not answering calls from Sunita’s family.

The family informed us that Firoz is an unemployed youth who would loiter around in the village. Firoz lives with his mother and sister in the village, while the father (Siddique) works in Delhi. Sunita’s family said that Firoz’s sister has been sent away to another place by his mother who is now living alone – this they believe hints at a planned abduction of Sunita by Firoz and his family.

Sunita’s brother Sandeep (22) is a civil engineer who is working in a Government job in nearby Gorakhpur. He had come down to his home for the Raksha Bandhan festival when this incident happened. He is the eldest among 5 siblings. Sandeep has been campaigning on social media to get justice for his sister – he tweets at @ImSandip_kr.

The family is feeling helpless as police has made no progress thus far in tracking Firoz or interrogating his family for leads. No social group or NGO has come to their aid.

Below is a copy of the FIR lodged in the Rajesultanpur police station where Firoz had been charged under IPC Section 363 (kidnapping), Section 366 (Kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her mar­riage) and SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act –

FIR copy – names hidden to protect identity

When the political class of Bharat can converge on University of Hyderabad to protest against the suicide of Dalit/OBC scholar Rohit Vemula, will they show similar passion to ensure speedy justice for Sunita and her family? Or will this case be ignored as there no ‘secular-liberal’ brownie points to be scored since the accused is a Muslim?

We urge the Yogi administration and UP police to recover the missing girl at the earliest and create a special mechanism to deal with such kind of cases which are growing with each passing day in UP and other states of the country.

* Names changed to protect identity. We thank Sandeep and his father for speaking with us.

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