Hindu Religious Procession Attacked by Muslim Mob in Jharkhand – 6 Injured

Around 6 Hindu devotees were injured in stone pelting by a Muslim mob last evening on a Hindu religious procession for murti visarjan (immersion). The incident occurred in Bekobar (South) panchayat, Koderma district, Jharkhand.

The injured – Arjun Ram, Chandrika Prasad, Raju Prasad, Laxman Pandit etc – have been taken to Koderma Sadar Hospital. Police and administration forces rushed to the village upon getting information of the attack. Local Hindus are agitated over the matter, but situation is under control due to heavy police presence.

(Source: jagran.com – we thank @divyaSoti for sharing the news)

(Featured Image: Representational only)

Editor’s Note

While the nation outrages over the violent protests related to film Padmavat, daily life in other parts of the country continues with the usual Islamist violence against Hindu festivals, women, children and men.

Our left liberals will deride the PM appearing in Davos while Karni Sena etc unleash violence in cities, but none (inculding the PM and other mainstream Hindu leaders) will raise their voice over the routine attacks on the Hindu way of life.

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