Muslim Brothers-in-law duo slit throat of colleague Ankit Tyagi, for stopping their financial fraud

In another case of “afraid, insecure” Muslims displaying violent and aggressive behavior towards Hindus, a young man, Ankit Tyagi, was killed, and his body thrown into a canal in Partapur (near Meerut, UP). Note: If the surname Tyagi sounds familiar, this may be because another Tyagi – Dhruv Raj Tyagi – was stabbed to death by Muslim neighbors for opposing the teasing of his daughter in Khyala, Delhi recently.

Ankit is unrelated to Dhruv Raj. Also, this Ankit is different from the one who’s throat was slit by his Muslim girlfiend’s family in Delhi last year. It is just that such incidents are happening with such sickening regularity that even keeping the names clear becomes hard.

The background of this murder is as follows. Mohammed Mehraj and Babloo (who are brother-in-laws), were employed in a mobile tower company in Partapur. They were engaged in financial frauds & stealing equipment from the company. This was noticed and reported by Ankit Tyagi, who by all accounts was a fearless, upright sort of person. Ankit was appointed supervisor by the company, because of his honest and clean reputation. Ankit proceeded to close the loopholes and make it very hard for Mehraj/Babloo to  steal, siphon out money from the company.

Murdered mobile tower company supervisor, Ankit Tyagi (Source: Amar Ujala)

Being upset at this, Mehraj/Babloo made a sinister plot, to be played out during the month of Ramzan. For some stomach ache that Ankit had, they arranged a “doctor” Irfan from their village to pay Ankit a visit. Irfan is not a real doctor, but a quack. He gave Ankit an injection on his neck which had intoxicants mixed in it. The helpless Ankit’s throat was then slit by these 3 “insecure” Muslims.

The corpse of Ankit was disposed off in Gangnahar in Partapur. The 3 Muslims then took off from work to ‘celebrate’ Eid in their village, all the while Ankit’s family was completely distraught and heartbroken. 

It took the police several days to find the corpse.

And now you will ask: are there any placards? No. Any award wapsis? No. Any articles in Washington Post? No. Any non-stop media coverage? No. Is the name “Ankit Tyagi” as familiar as Indian icons Akhlaq and Junaid? No.

Ankit Tyagi was also a Bajrang Dal worker, which many liberals of Bharat believe is reason enough for someone to be murdered.


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