Brother of Kamal Haasan, Charuhasan’s Hindu Hatred

The well proven theory of ‘scratch an Indian atheist to find a Chrislamist’ seems to work for neo politician Kamal Haasan as well. When he was accused of getting funds from missionaries to run his new found part Maiyyam, he ridiculed it and laughed it off. But then his comments about Christianity from the past and his siblings’ connection with Christianity emerged.

Kamal Haasan in an interview to Karan Thapar said that he used to propagate Christianity through dancing, Bharatanatyam to be specific (classical dance form of Tamil Nadu that originated from Eshwara’s cosmic dance), to ‘spread the word of Christ to the world’. He also accepted that after his association with Christian Arts and Communication Centre he got connections that helped him re-enter the cine field. He explicitly said that he started propagating Christianity for money; started believing in Christianity as much he believed his own religion (Hindu Dharma) in a business school event.

He added that since he is a rationalist, he went there for the ₹120 stipend but it helped him gain great experience; he learned about Christianity and started looking into his religion retrospectively, all of it was helpful. “Above all it gave me the connection to enter in cinema. I’m grateful! My idea of being rational does not exclude people..human they were very nice people who took me in the direction of films”, he said.

Can the possibility of him receiving foreign funds for his party be ruled out with such a dubious past? Kamal Haasan has derided and wrongly portrayed Hindu history, customs and beliefs in his movies. He has also shown a teeny tiny part of Islamic terrorism which almost cost him his life when he faced fierce Islamist opposition to release his movie Vishwaroopam. But towards Christianity he seems to have a soft spot.

It appears that not only Kamal Haasan but his elder brother Charuhasan too hates Hindu Dharma and loves Christianity, or the money it throws at him. Charuhasan has given testimony drawing parallels from Vedas and Upanishads to fool innocent Hindus into believing that the Purusha and/or Prajapati our scriptures talk about is none but Jesus Christ himself.

Kamal Hasaan (l) and his brother Charuhasan (r)

The testimony is in the form of a conversation between Hindu Brahmins and two neo converts, one of whom is Charuhasan. The conversation goes like this, “Why have you changed like this? Is there a truth that isn’t professed by our Vedas?” asks someone from the group of Brahmins. Charuhasan quotes some verses from Kathopanishad and compares it with verses from Bible.

Next comes the question, “Who do you say, is the great Purusha?” and the reply is “he is the Prajapati..Jesus Christ”. Now a portion of Rg Veda is quoted where it talks about the Prajapati. He goes on to say that Bhagavan Skandam mentions that Prajapati will be born in Sambalpuri and will be known as Messiah. “Our temples have the same Prajapati as the deity. Why do you consider it as an idol?” asks a Brahmin. The neo convert replies with a verse from Isha Upanishad to establish that God is formless and his name is holy/sacred.

Another Brahmin asks “What is this gospel you talk about?” Charuhasan replies, “When there is good it means there is something bad as well.. gospel is the good that helps you escape from going to hell,” Next he quotes from Mandala Brahmopanishad to draw parallels with Bible verses. He gives a whole new etymology to Kaavadi (known as Kanwariya in the northern part of Bharat, it has different types/forms in TN and is carried to Skanda temples whereas Shiva is the deity in Kanwar Yatra) that Kaavadi was a wooden log carried by Jesus on his way to sacrifice (kaavu means Bali/sacrifice and thadi means rod in Tamil), not to carry rose water and milk but our sins.

The Brahmin quotes Bharathiyar’s lines which coarsely mean that every God met death on earth (Rama, Krishna and Jesus of course). Charuhasan quotes different lines of Bharathiyar to claim that he wrote about only Jesus’ resurrection but not about other Gods and mocks the Brahmin to read ‘Bharathiyar who read the whole Bible’.

The third Brahmin inquires whether they know the meaning and origin of the Vedas, and gets the purpose and forms of each Veda as reply. “Why do you not believe in Hindu Dharma the mother of Vedas then?” “Arya Dharma is the original name of Hindu Dharma. The word Hindu cannot be found in any of the Vedas. Hindu is not the name of a religion but of a region. The region where Sindhu river runs became Hindu. Persians called Sindhu as Hindu as the phonetic ‘sa’ doesn’t exist in Parsi.” Next the neo-converts claim that Bible has the word ‘Hindu Desam’ mentioned in it. “Using the wisdom bestowed upon the man he invents things to lead a comfortable life..that 3/4th inventions were made by Christians is a fact.”

“Are you boasting?” a Brahmin asks. “The things invented by Christians are acceptable but the God he found isn’t?” Charuhasan retorts. “Even the diya inside the temple, I mean electrical light bulb, was invented by a Thomas.” The Brahmin says, “light was invented by Edison.” ” You are saying one part of the name while I say the remaining. His name is Thomas Alva Edison”.

“Can a Brahmin talk without knowing his native?”, asks the Brahmin. “I do know. Khyber pass is our native. Brahmin is not a caste name. One who worships Shiva is a Shaivite; one who worships Vishnu is a Vaishnavite; one who worships Brahma is a Brahmin. I too teach the Vedas. Guru devo Guru Brahma..”

Charuhasan explains the meaning of the verses from Advayataraka Upanishad that talk about Guru, quotes lines of Mathew from the Bible that says ‘only Jesus can be the preacher/ are but brothers’. “Do tell your vedantham” asks the Brahmin. “The principle of Veda is sacrifice. Andham means end (in Tamil). Ending of Veda is Vedantam. Giving sacrifices for the God is old testament, Veda; god offering himself as sacrifice is new testament, Andham. Ending Bali/sacrifice is Vedantam. Jesus who ended the Veda is what I think..”

“Is it the Veda or your Vedhagamam (that is how Bible is called in Tamil) that talks about this Bali/sacrifice?”. They draw parallels between Vedas and Bible by comparing Purusha Prajapati who should be Nishkalank (flawless), and Ashwam being adorned with a thorn crown in Ashwamedha yagna with Jesus. More quotes from other scriptures are used to prove that Purusha Prajapati and Jesus are one and the same.

Charuhasan, a lawyer by education and an actor by profession, who thinks lying is the basis of both lawyering and acting is lecturing people on discovering the truth about Vedas, when whether he knows Sanskrit itself is doubtful. Throughout the conversation the Brahmins are shown to be accepting the neo-converts’ theory meekly. Both the parties are Brahmins and well known across TN as actors and Brahmins in real life.

The whole testimony is deceitful and full of lies even in basic translation of words. But the innocent Hindu does not know that. From Robert De Nobili who tried to pass off as a Brahmin by growing a tuft, adopting vegetarian meal, etc., to a family of well-known Brahmins like that of Kamal Haasan’s giving testimony that Vedas talk about Jesus Christ, the missionaries and neo-converts never leave a poor, innocent Hindu in peace.

Charuhasan, in an interview, suggested that kids will come to the conclusion that one must wage a war and murder the kidnapper when his wife is abducted and destroy the country if Ramayana is taught in schools. Ramayana and Mahabharata teach many wrong things. He asked “can you teach that dads can marry three women and send their sons to the forest as per the word of the third wife? Is this message necessary?” He also said that Dronacharya asking for Eklavya’s thumb and Eklavya cutting it is stupid and so Mahabharata shouldn’t be taught in schools.

Kamal Haasan commented in an interview that violence against women isn’t surprising in a society which reveres Mahabharata in which a woman is used as collateral in gambling. Apart from Kamal Haasan and Charuhasan, their elder brother Chandrahasan seems to have been a convert. If anything, his funeral service held in a London church proves this.

Charuhasan’s grandson and the son of famed cine director Maniratnam, Nandan, is a follower of Marx and Lenin. He is doing his doctorate in theology at Christ Church, Oxford and is a visitor at Campion hall, a Jesuit community. So whenever these people make a comment like independent Bharat’s first terrorist was a Hindu, take it with a liberal amount of salt.

With such a history of anti-Hindu bigotry and association with Abrahamic religions, that they dare to interpret Vedas and other scriptures for non Brahmins explains the naivety of Tamil Hindus in believing cine actors.


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