Are We Finally Waking up to Islamist Terror Apologists?

The latest Islamist terror attack on France occurred when two IS (Islamic State) terrorists beheaded an 85 year old priest. Coming on the heels of the Nice massacre and the spate of recent attacks in Germany, reactions pouring in from across the world via social media indicate that common people are finally waking up to the terror apologists who have dominated global discourse on this issue till now.

This latest attack in France is the 11th Islamist terror attack carried out in France since January 2015. IS has claimed responsibility for both the priest beheading and the Nice attack. This is what the French Interior Minister had to say after the Nice attack –

It seems that he radicalized his views very rapidly. These are the first elements that our investigation has come up with through interviews with his acquaintances,” Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Saturday, without offering details.

“We are now facing individuals who are responding positively to the messages issued by the Islamic State without having had any special training and without having access to weapons that allow them to commit mass murder,” Cazeneuve said.”

Initial reports about the main attacker, 19 year old Adel Kermiche of Algerian descent, in the priest beheading say – “Adel Kermiche became radicalised in just three months and was pals with a French jihadi involved in the beheading of Americans in Syria, it has emerged. The son of a professor, Kermiche had been a normal sports-mad Simpsons fan who loved Rihanna. But he became radical after the slaughter at satirical mag Charlie Hebdo in Paris in January last year, which left 12 staff dead.”

Rise of Crowd-sourced Islamist Terror

It is now clear that IS (Islamic State) has evolved a new model of crowd-sourced terrorism, in which it issues messages through its sophisticated PR/social media machinery and a Muslim sitting anywhere in the world can decide to act on their general instructions without any formal link to the terror group. There has been a gradual rise of such Islamist terror attacks influenced but not materially aided by IS – San Bernardino, Dhaka, Nice and many other such examples of terror attacks abound. Most of the IS modules busted in Bharat too had no direct physical contact with the IS masterminds in Iraq/Syria.

But how can an educated, well-off Muslim with everything to thank their host modern, secular democracy like US, Britain, Bharat, France etc. get so radicalized over the internet, that he/she is willing to sacrifice their life and commit mass murder for the Islamist cause? This is only possible if there is an underlying base of religious fanaticism and religio-cultural precedent that the internet terror handlers exploit.

Roots of Islamism

It is the everyday Islam that thousands of mosques and Islamic televangelists preach, the endless narrative of Muslim persecution and victim-hood that Muslim media reports, the whitewashing of Islamic imperialism and its bloody conquests & the demonization of non-Muslims  that Muslim countries teach in school, and the doctrine of supremacy and exclusivity that prevails in Muslim societies, that are responsible for creating fertile ground for terror recruiters.

And it is this underlying Islamist fanaticism that is masked by the left-liberal establishment that dominates global mass media today. This cartoon encapsulates the various excuses used by left-liberal apologists of Islamist terror –

Terror Apologists

Some of the common tactics adopted by Islamist terror apologists are –

  • Islamophobia – this terminology has become so widespread in the West that anyone who wants to critically examine Islam or Muslim societal behavior is immediately shut down by loud shouts of Islamophobia which has come to connote xenophobia and cultural racism.
  • Cultural relativism is a principle which emerged in Europe. It says that an individual person’s beliefs and activities should be understood by others in terms of that individual’s own culture. Hence, it is not politically correct for people in the West to question regressive Muslim practices like secondary status for women & non-Muslims, death for apostasy, harsh Sharia laws, polygamy, triple talaq, public slaughter of animals, proclivity to violence to ‘defend Islam’ etc. So while it is mainstream acceptable to question all other religions and doctrines in the West today – like Hindu Dharma, Christianity, Communism, Capitalism..Islam gets special treatment.
  • Politicization – The reasoning here is that Muslims are resorting to terror as they have been politically and militarily oppressed, especially by America and Israel in the Middle East. While it is true that American intervention and manipulation has destabilized large parts of the world, the Middle East is not alone in suffering from this phenomenon. US interventions and staged coups have done greater damage in America’s immediate neighborhood as countries like Haiti, Panama, Chile, Cuba, Colombia etc will testify. Even Bharat has not been immune to American machinations and the perverse American love for a terror-sponsoring nation like Pakistan. But does that mean Latin Americans should take to terror across the world to end American meddling in their countries? While the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ was celebrated as a sign of organic sprouting of Muslim democracy, why did the Egyptian public vote a radical, fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood in to power? Why is Turkey now turning to quasi-dictatorship under Erdogan? And why does the spiritual homeland of Muslims, Saudi Arabia, continue to discriminate against non-Muslims and export its dangerous Wahhabi ideology across the world? Is it wrong to ask Muslims to introspect on these points? Playing perpetual victim is easy, reforming from within is not.
  • Illiteracy and Poverty are also given as reasons for young Muslims turning to terror. But aren’t their dispossessed Hindus, Christians and Buddhists in the world? If this logic were to hold true, then Kashmiri Hindus, who in their own country were expelled by their Muslim neighbours, should have been the first to turn to terror. Just like Maoists indoctrinate poor, young minds with their murderous class-war ideas, Islamists indoctrinate young minds with their murderous religious-war jihad ideology. When the former is criticized (except by the extreme left ideologues like Kavita Krishnan), why aren’t the latter? Moreover, what explains educated, young Muslims from well to-do families giving up everything to join jihad? IS (Islamic State) has approximately 6,000 fighters from Europe – mostly from France, Germany, UK, Belgium. Were the Dhaka attackers poor, or the Bhatkal brothers who founded ‘Indian Mujahideen’, or Faisal Shahzad the Pakistani Times Square bomber, or Mohammed Atta the lead 9/11 terrorist?

Social Media Fights Back

Now, social media is allowing ordinary people fed up with the Islamist terror threat to their way of life to express their opinions and rip apart the chicanery and double standards which terror apologists & left-liberal media establishment have used to suppress all debate on this important topic –

But the most positive development is the fact that a few Muslims are themselves using social media to expose the left-liberal apologists of Islamist terror, as these Facebook posts show –


Rational Muslims speak up against Islamist terror apologists

Hopefully, we will see more such clear-headed thinking from Muslims in Bharat too, instead of the same old denial and victimhood that has been the norm thus far as the below tweet shows –


Islamist terror is a clear and present threat to humanity and civilization – it is time to combat this threat through a thoughtful and uncompromising approach; mealy-mouthed apologia needs to be junked.



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